History Provided by Mac Ice

South College Street Christian Church, 1887. This congregation was basically a mission outpost nurtured often by the preaching of David Lipscomb from 1857-1887. They met in rented halls across South Nashville from near the river (what was Black Bottom) across to what is now SoBro. This buidling was completed in November 1887, T. B. Larimore preaching the dedication sermon entitled ‘Preach the Word!’ Nearly all the core members came by transfer from Church Street Christian Church (see the post from November 7). But Larimore’s preaching brought in several more; two years later in 1889 James A. Harding brought in still more. By 1891 they were ready to swarm (see the Green Street post from December 10). Led by three elders who fed the congregation by regularly preaching and teaching, the congregation grew to over 600 members before they employed a regular full-time located preacher in about 1897-1898. A vibrant Sunday School also fed the children. This building was located on the southwest corner of 3rd Avenue South (then South College Street) and Ash Street. In 1920 South College bought (at a good deal) the Grace Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 2nd and Lindsley and took the name Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ.

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