2016, A Great Year!


2015-04-04 17.16.25

Preserve Lindsley Avenue Now, Inc.

3 Lindsley Avenue

Nashville, TN 37210

December 29, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As 2016 draws to a close, we wish to thank you all for supporting the good work of restoring our historic church building. The Lord has certainly blessed our work!

We raised $42,379 dollars in 2016! We used these generous contributions to replace the flat roof in front of the building and to tuck point and clean every brick in the wall facing the parking lot. We replaced those bricks which could not be restored with similar old bricks obtained from salvage.

Along with the work done in 2015 – restoring our chimney and main tower – our building is looking more and more like it did when it was opened in 1894.

In our next phase of restoration, we will target the front entrance facing the corner of Lindsley and Second Avenues. Not only will we tuck point the brickwork, we will also make the steps level again, repair the turrets above the entrance, and replace Terra cotta ornamentation as needed.

We have $22,500 in cash on hand for this next phase. The cost is $27,000. We have asked our contractor, WASCO, to begin work on March 1, 2017, when the weather will be consistently warm enough. We are hopeful that we can raise the shortfall of $4,500 before March 1.

If you wish to contribute toward this work, please let us know. You may wish to donate before the end of 2016 for tax purposes. We can pick up your check and deposit it this week.  You can reach us at 615-390-6665 or give at GivingMatters.com.

We are hopeful that our building will continue to reflect our congregation’s “shining light” outreach to our community.

In Him,

Tony , Robbie Newlin, Arthur Tek, Thurl Noonkester, Greta Hopper (Trustees)

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